6. Dezember 2017

Sample preparation of apples

Distribution of microhabitats of apples for accurate determination of locality of our bacterial isolates.

Today, under the supervision of Tobija Glawogger, the pupils worked on the apples from three different habitats (organic apple healthy from the tree, organic apple sick from the tree and apple conventionally from the supermarket).
The apples were cut, apple pieces were placed in the sterile plastic containers and weighed.
This was then crushed with the help of mortar and bartender.
Then the resulting solution containing bacteria from the various apple microhabitats was removed.
This solution was used to prepare the dilution series and plate on the agar plates.
The plates were kept for several days at room temperature to allow bacterial colonies to grow.
The solid components (pellets) were separated by centrifugation to serve later for further work-up (isolation of the DNA).