EcoArt Days


Following their research work within the project, the students will participate in a professionally managed EcoArt art project that will make their results accessible to the wider public and especially medial interest .

This enables a unique knowledge transfer that reaches all ages and populations.

The EcoArt exhibition will be held twice, at the end of every semester, and organized and organized by professional artist, sculptor and educator Timothy Mark.

The Confocal Microscopy Images created as part of the project will be enlarged and creatively presented as art objects. In addition, a three-dimensional installation will be prepared with the help of students under the professional initiation and supervision of Mr. Mark, who will represent the colonization of the plant with the micro-organisms .

This sculpture is set up in a public square (for example, Haus der Wissenschaft / Graz) to serve the interest of the population. This makes the invisible visible in a comprehensible form . It also aims to provide new access to science that will allow the younger audience to playfully explore environmental microbiology areas and explain the health benefits of microorganisms .

It is planned that full grades, teachers, interested parents and siblings, as well as friends of the youth will actively participate in the exhibition preparation.

Above all, the EcoArt Day will serve to creatively represent scientific results . In addition to PowerPoint, pupils learn to use other media, such as self-produced images, 3D objects, films, music and the like.

Exciting hands-on experiments will be offered to the public during the EcoArt Day ( Stationslauf ) in order to provide participants and guests with insights into the scientific everyday life and to better understand the presented research topics. ,

This is organized by the company Biotenzz together with the TUG.