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30. Oktober 2017

Visit to an orchard in organic farming.
Birgit Birnstingl showed examples of sick apples and talked about organic agriculture.

14. November 2017

Akademisches Gymnasium Graz

17. November 2017

Modellschule Graz

4. Dezember 2017

Akademisches Gymnasium Graz

5. Dezember 2017

Preparations for sample preparation

Pour agar plates, label & prepare for sample preparation

Today, the students of the Model School Graz have prepared the nutrient media with the help of Tobija Glawogger (TUG Graz, Environmental Biotechnology).
For this they mixed and sterilized nutrients with agar. The resulting solution was still hot in the sterile bench (pure workbench) poured into sterile Petri dishes where it solidifies.
Later, these finished agar plates are used to grow the bacteria from the apple.
Then they cut off the ends of the pipette tips.
These are sterilized and later used to pipet the thick apple pulp onto the agar plates.

6. Dezember 2017

Sample preparation of apples

Distribution of microhabitats of apples for accurate determination of locality of our bacterial isolates.

Today, under the supervision of Tobija Glawogger, the pupils worked on the apples from three different habitats (organic apple healthy from the tree, organic apple sick from the tree and apple conventionally from the supermarket).
The apples were cut, apple pieces were placed in the sterile plastic containers and weighed.
This was then crushed with the help of mortar and bartender.
Then the resulting solution containing bacteria from the various apple microhabitats was removed.
This solution was used to prepare the dilution series and plate on the agar plates.
The plates were kept for several days at room temperature to allow bacterial colonies to grow.
The solid components (pellets) were separated by centrifugation to serve later for further work-up (isolation of the DNA).

11. Dezember 2017

Enumeration of bacteria and fungal cultures and separation of colonies for antagonist tests.

The resulting bacterial colonies on the agar plates were counted and applied under sterile conditions individually to new agar plates.

Our poster won a prize on February 2nd at the Sparkling / Citizen Science Conference!
We have made many valuable contacts and learned a lot about exchange opportunities and the cooperation between science and school. Our youngest team-member Maya (almost 3 months old) has been very good 😊.